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What is the Mandela Effect?

The Mandela Effect is a phenomena where a large number of people are not remembering something the way it is today. This could be anything from brand names, logo designs, movie quotes, character names, people and the list goes on, it can literally affect anything in life that someone has a memory of. The people who are affected by the Mandela Effect are not just remembering one or two things differently, they are noticing hundreds of different things from all walks of life that appear to have changed in some way. Some of the things that appear to be different can have such a profound impact on the individual that they will start to question the very nature of their reality. It could be something from their childhood that they have always had a sentimental attachment to and then to suddenly realize it’s not how they remember can be very disturbing for the individual. Especially when it appears to have ALWAYS been the way it is today.

If this was just affecting one or two people then we could brush it off as false or mistaken memories. However, the evidence suggests that this is happening to a very large number of people from all walks of life. What’s even more disturbing is the fact that so many people are saying the same things used to be different. Even more than that, the people who are experiencing this Mandela Effect are not just collaborating one or two things that used to be different, they all appear to be saying that hundreds of different things used to be different.

If you had one or two people claiming that something used to be different and then another person with no connection to them collaborating their claims it would be easy to explain away as a mere coincidence. However, when you have thousands upon thousands of different people from all walks of life, all claiming they remember the SAME hundreds of different things completely differently then they are today then this is evidence for further investigation. The sheer scale of this phenomena where thousands of people have the same memories is enough proof that something very strange and unexplained is happening. It’s not possible for such a large number of people to remember exactly the same different things differently than they are today without a logical explanation.

Nobodies memory is perfect and we all have false memories to certain extent but it is statistically impossible for such a large number of people to all remember the exact same things differently in exactly the same way. The sheer number of people with these same memories is proof in itself. For example, if someone who is experiencing the Mandela Effect remembers a major global brand’s logo design differently than it is today, and you asked them to explain what is different. Without any prompting, they will ALWAYS explain the same differences than everyone else who is experiencing this Mandela Effect.

I’m by no means claiming that this has been tested by any scientific means but it only requires a bit of common sense to see that something very strange is going on. Either thousands and thousands of people from across the globe have all remembered the exact same things wrongly in exactly the same way which is obviously mathematically impossible or there is another explanation.

Have things just changed over time?

If only it was that simple. We all know that logo’s can change over time as brands update themselves. However, each and every example of the Mandela Effect has been thoroughly researched and there is no recorded history of it EVER being the way people remember. This is why people who are experiencing this Mandela Effect are so disturbed by it because not only are people remembering something wrong today, it was apparently ALWAYS that way. But how is that possible? How can so many thousands of people remember something the same way when it was never like that to begin with? Welcome to the Mandela Effect.

Why is it called the Mandela Effect?

The Mandela Effect got it’s name from Nelson Mandela who was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary. As strange as it sounds, many people were confused to learn that he died on the 5 December 2013 (aged 95) because they had vivid memories of him dying way back in 1991 whilst in a South African prison. It’s not just one or two people who have these vivid memories of his death in 1991, it’s 1000’s of people who remember it exactly the same.  This is reported to be the first example of people experiencing this phenomena where the memories they have is different to what actually happened. The strange fact that so many people had the same memories that appeared to be wrong makes this a remarkable case and it led people to ask the question, what else do I have different memories of? The question opened Pandora’s box and the Mandela Effect was born and it wasn’t long before it became an internet meme.

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