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The Volvo Logo Design

After being blown away by the Ford logo, I had to sit down when I saw the Volvo logo. There is NO WAY!!! did it ever used to have the arrow in the top right corner turning it into the male symbol.

Volvo Logo Mandela Effect

That is a change that is so obvious I know I would have noticed that before. I, just like many others, always remember the Volvo logo without that ugly arrow sticking out. This was one of them Mandela Effects that convinced me something strange is going on. After seeing this new version I had to research the history of this logo and as far as I can tell, they are saying it has ALWAYS been like this.

It just looks so wrong. Since I’ve seen this changed logo, I’ve seen it on cars and it still doesn’t look right.

Do you remember the arrow on the Volvo logo?

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I decided to build this website because I have been experiencing the Mandela Effect for some time now and it’s getting more and more disturbing. I’ve noticed that I am not alone, many other people have the same memories as me so I came to the conclusion that we need somewhere that lists every Mandela Effect.

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  1. Gerald Simon Kiely

    I remember seeing the arrow on the volvo logo.

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