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The Ford Logo Design

Some logo’s are so common in your life they become etched into your psyche. The Ford logo is one of them logo’s that has been around my entire life. As soon as someone showed me the current Ford logo and I noticed the little loop on the end I laughed and said, ‘That’s not the Ford logo’ It’s never has that little loop, it looks ridiculous. Low and behold, it’s another Mandela effect because I am not the only one who feel’s this way.

ford logo mandela effect

The bottom logo is how I have always known the Ford logo to look. I’ve even owned a couple Ford’s in my time and I am absolutly certain it never had that little loop above the O.


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Feel free to leave your comment below to tell me how you remember the logo and if your experiencing this Mandela Effect too.

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I decided to build this website because I have been experiencing the Mandela Effect for some time now and it’s getting more and more disturbing. I’ve noticed that I am not alone, many other people have the same memories as me so I came to the conclusion that we need somewhere that lists every Mandela Effect.

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