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Star Wars Quote, ‘Luke, I am your father’

Do you consider yourself to be a knowledgeable Star Wars fan? If so, you will be amazed to discover how the Mandela Effect is calling our knowledge into question.

Firstly, If you’ve never heard of the Mandela Effect, I recommend our article ‘What is the Mandela Effect

Out of the many examples we have of the Mandela Effect today, this is one that frustrates a lot of people. We are being told that the famous, eternal Line that was spoken by Darth Vader to his son Luke Skywalker in, The Empire Strikes Back is not how we all remember it to be. Believe it or not, Darth Vader doesn’t actually say, ‘Luke, I am your father.’

Prepare yourself because this doesn’t sound right at all. What he actually says is, ‘NO, I am your father.’

Watch the video and see for yourself.


Most people can clearly remember Darth Vader using his sons name. This single line has created many angry Star Wars fans who are adamant it used to be different. If there is one thing that a science fiction fanatic prides him/herself on, it is their ability to remember every little detail of a movie which includes EVERY spoken line.

Many Star Wars fans have watched The Empire Strikes Back 100’s of times in the past and it seems very odd to me that so many people would all remember this single eternal line incorrectly. People are passionate about this reported Mandela Effect because Star Wars holds a special place in their hearts. This movie is an important part of people’s childhood and many Star Wars fans are refusing to accept that it has always been misquoted.

The Star Wars fan in the following video wasn’t very happy.


While running a quick Google search to find the video above, I was surprised to see that Google attempted to answer the question. It is suggested that this line in the Empire Strikes Back is the most common movie misquote in history.

Google Claims this is the most common movie misquote

I admit, this is possible. It’s highly unlikely, but it’s still possible. So how does James Earl Jones remember the line? James Earl Jones is the actor who played Darth Vader. He is the one who had to learn the famous line, the very actor who spoke the words. If anyone should know what Darth Vader actually said it would be James Earl Jones.

Watch the video to see how James Earl Jones remembers the all important line

As far as I am concerned, this point is now proven. Darth Vader always used to say, ‘Luke, I am your father’

It’s not a misquote because 1000’s of Star Wars fanatics all remember Darth Vader saying his sons name ‘Luke.’ Also, as you’ve now seen, even the actor who played Darth Vader himself and who spoke the words from his own mouth clearly remembers it the same way as all of the fans.

The Mandela Effect is forcing me question my reality

Something very STRANGE is going on in this world. Things are changing all around us and not everyone is noticing it. This Mandela Effect doesn’t seem to be affecting everyone, but it is having a profound effect on a large number of people.

I never used to believe it was possible to change the past. I’ve always viewed the past as a fixed state. Something that doesn’t exist anymore as it has happened and it’s now gone. We our left with our memories to draw from the past and to learn from it. But now I’m not so sure anymore because things from the past have been changing. It’s not just a few things either, there are literally hundreds of things that have changed. So many things are different today than how they used to be and more are being discovered each day.

I need to find a locial explaination for this because it’s very unsettling

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