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Sex In The City Has Always Been Sex AND The City


If I ask anyone the name of this TV show without prompting them in any way, they ALWAYS say it’s called, ‘Sex in the city.’ This is how I remember it and how everyone I know remembers it. This is a strange one because how can so many people get the name wrong. There is literally no trace of it ever being called ‘sex in the city’ but this is how everyone I know remembers it. I must confess, I’ve never actually watched the show but there was a time when it was everywhere.

It was on billboards all over the place and it was show during most commercial breaks. There was no getting away from it, so for so many people to get the simple name wrong, it’s a weird one to say the least.

Many people swear it used to be called ‘Sex in the city’ and I’m sure they are right but how can we prove it?

How do you remember Sex and the city?

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