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Mahatma Ghandi is now Mahatma Gandhi

This Mandela Effect is really starting to chip away at my self-esteem. I’ve never spelt Gandhi the way it’s spelt now and it doesn’t even look right to me. Can so many people be so wrong about so many different things. How is it even possible to get so much wrong and for so many people to be getting the same things wrong? I can’t say I’ve had the need to write the name ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ much in my time but I’m certain it was always ‘Ghandi’ instead of ‘Gandhi’. I need a drink. 🙁

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I decided to build this website because I have been experiencing the Mandela Effect for some time now and it’s getting more and more disturbing. I’ve noticed that I am not alone, many other people have the same memories as me so I came to the conclusion that we need somewhere that lists every Mandela Effect.

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