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Evil Knievel was always Evel knievel

evel knievel mandela effect

I used to love Evil Knievel as a child. I remember sitting in front of the television feeling excited waiting for his next big jump. I had the Evil Knievel action figure and bike and I even had an Evil Knievel tracksuit with stars down the legs that I used to wear while I rode my BMX. I thought I looked so dam cool. Haha.

I was SHOCKED to see that his name was never Evil Knievel, it is actually EVEL KNIEVEL. No matter how many times I look at the name Evel, it just doesn’t look right to me. I was certain it was always Evil but according to history I am wrong.

The Mandela Effect is screwing with my childhood.

Which knievel do you remember?

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I decided to build this website because I have been experiencing the Mandela Effect for some time now and it’s getting more and more disturbing. I’ve noticed that I am not alone, many other people have the same memories as me so I came to the conclusion that we need somewhere that lists every Mandela Effect.

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  1. Heinrich Mueller

    In the Genesis album The lamb lies down from 1972 Peter Gabriel sings “Evel Knievel, you got nothing on me.
    Here I go!”

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